Like me, you've probably seen the question "Is your healthcare safe?" in some form or another in the popular press.  But now, this:  an article from questions whether safe healthcare is even possible!  

On reading the complete article, the title's intent becomes clear.  Associate Professor Donna Woods (the author) brings the reader through the often-told story of the performance of the US healthcare system.  Ultimately, her question is one borne more of whether safe healthcare can be found in the US rather than whether safe healthcare can exist in the absolute sense....which is fortunate, because I strongly believe safe healthcare can exist and that certain tools help bring us there.  (Visit or pick up Amazon best-seller Volume To Value for some of those useful tools that we under-utilize in healthcare.)

Take a look at Professor Woods' nice reminder on the current state of quality in the US healthcare system by reading the selection beneath and clicking the link to her full article.