The American Health Care Act--that's what it's called.  The House released its plan to replace Obamacare, and, now that we have something in hand, let's look at potential winners and losers in the new landscape.  

Will the bill pass Congress as is?  No, but we can see thoughts on how the future may look.  Here's how CNN analyzed the plan:

  • Tougher to get insurance for low income patients
  • Medicaid changes significantly (Federal government pays less to states per participant)
  • Older Americans pay more
  • Patients with pre-existing conditions may get less comprehensive plans
  • Younger get cheaper plans
  • Healthy can buy less expensive policies
  • Higher income Americans pay fewer taxes
  • Insurance companies get tax break on executive salaries

The reaction on Twitter (sample listed on screen right) ranged from balanced to angry.

Click the link beneath for the original article and analysis from CNN.