What if you had an idea of how long you'll live?  What about if you knew how long you'd live in good health?  

Living in good health versus simply living long highlights an important concept:  the number of years we live may not be so important as the quality of life in our years.  

To that end, consider this recent infographic shared by medigo.com that focuses us on an idea of the number of bad health years we can expect to experience.

Subtracting the number of expected healthy years we have (Health Adjusted Life Years, or HALE) from median life expectancy gives us an idea of just how many years we can expect to live in, unfortunately, bad health!

Of course, there is a distribution underlying median life expectancy.  Perhaps we will live far longer (or less) than that typical number.  Similarly, the HALE may not easily be applied to any one person.  But, that said, isn't it interesting to look at the infographic (click the link below) and see how, by continent, the number of years where people can be expected to live in bad  health varies!