Do you think it's 25% of their day?  What about 50% of their day?


This from The Washington Examiner:  physicians spend fully two thirds of their professional time on paperwork--that's 66%!

If you've followed the blog, you know we cover a lot about value added time (VAT) and what it means in healthcare.  

As a reminder, VAT is the time spent in a system adding value that the customer will pay for.

VAT is a great guide to help determine which parts of a process should be minimized or eliminated.  It's a classic Lean tool!

The problem I highlight over and over is:  what exactly is VAT in healthcare?  And we go on to discuss the central issue:  in healthcare, it can be very difficult to decide who the customer is...after all, the patient receives the healthcare but doesn't typically pay the bill!

This situation puts a fine point on the problem:  the physicians are pushing all that paper for the third party payors...they're the ones who pay the bills!

...and that's totally misaligned with the whole point:  providing medical care to patients.  

Are we ready, as patients and people who may one day be patients, to fix this yet?